Ruger No. 1 Rifles for Sale

At Classic Sporting Arms, we specialize in Rugers and the Ruger No. 1 Single Shot rifle in particular; however, from time to time, other classic and collectible Rugers will be available. If there is any Ruger No.1 that you are looking for, send an e-mail or write me the details and I will see if I can get it for you. Personal checks, Cashiers checks, or Money Orders are acceptable. Personal checks will have to clear before shipment, unless we’ve done business before. E-mail to cleenewton at yahoo dot com

Cell phone is 817-366-2900; It’s listed at bottom of page, but a lot of lookers don’t scroll down that far.

Send payment and signed copy of FFL to:

Classic Sporting Arms, P. O. Box 1015, Copperas Cove, TX 76522.

The FFL copy can also be faxed or you can email a scanned copy.

Shipping costs will be $50.00 to your FFL.  Alaska slightly higher, as I use USPS Priority Mail. I will ship to California.

  • For the straight wall cartridge states, I have the 1S in 44 Magnum, 460 S&W, 475 Linebaugh available NIB @ $2000 + shipping.
  • Also have several 45/70, both as new in the box and used.
  • 1A’s in 35 Whelen and 7mm-08, NIB @ $2000 + shipping.

Well, we did not know more about the Ruger No.1 after NRA in Atlanta! Now, here appear to be 5 new rifles in 2017;  First is a 1B 450 Bushmaster  in stainless/laminate with a 20″ barrel and a muzzle brake, and checkered laminate stocks; Model #21304. I have a few of these. Another is the 450 Bushmaster in a 1S configuration with a 20″ barrel, blue and walnut, that is an Exclusive with Randy’s Hunting Center of Bad Axe, MI, having a Model# of 21312. The 50th Anniversary Ruger No.1 is a 1A in 308, engraving on both sides with a Model# of 21308. Two Lipsey’s Exclusives are the 460 S&W and 475 Linebaugh in the 1S configuration, 20″ barrels and in blue/walnut, Model#s are 21310 and 21311. A few 1V’s in .204 Ruger were made in blue and walnut in the last year. they were never cataloged and not made before; Model# is 21303. From this, I am missing Model#s 21305, 21306, 21307 and 21309- I don’t know what they were, or if even made!

2016 Ruger No.1 Lineup Announced!

The six new Ruger No. 1 model configurations for 2016 are as follows:
1B Sporter chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor with 28” barrel, blued with walnut furniture.
1S Sporter chambered in 35 Whelen with 24” barrel, blued with walnut furniture.
1S Sporter chambered in 44 Magnum with 20” barrel, blued with walnut furniture.
1V Varmint chambered in .243 Win with 26” barrel, blued with walnut furniture and 1-in-7.7” twist.
K1RSI International chambered in .308 Win 20” barrel, stainless with walnut furniture.
1A Light Sporter chambered in .275 Rigby with 24” barrel, blued with walnut furniture and express sights.

I have the  Creedmoor, Whelen and 1V in 243 available now at $2000 + shipping. The 275 Rigby’s are very limited and are sold out. The 308 Stainless are all gone. I now have some of the 44 Magnums; they are $2000 + shipping.

Have the last of the 257 Weatherbys (All Sold)These are NIB and just recently made. Check out the Gunblast Testfire here:

In 2013, Ruger announced that the Ruger No.1 would only be made in one caliber per configuration. These were the 1A in .222 Rem., 1V (with a 26″ barrel) in 6.5-284 Norma, 1S in 45/70, 1H in 375 H&H, and the RSI in 7×57. In 2014, the offerings were: 1A in 280 Rem., RSI in 257 Roberts, 1V in .220 Swift, 1H in 450/400 NE 3″, and 1S in 9.3×62. For 2015, Lipsey’s LLC will be the Exclusive distributor for the Ruger No.1 rifle. I feel this will be a good thing, as Lipsey’s has been a leader for several years in their own Ruger No.1 Exclusives. They know what Customers and Shooters want and will work diligently to get some No.1’s made that appeal to shooters and hunters . Their are some unique rifles in this years No.1 offering. The 1B is back-with a 28″ barrel in the 257 Weatherby! The 1S will be a 30/06 with a 24″ barrel! The RSI will be a 6.5×55, the 1A is a 7mm-08 and there will be a K1V(with a 26″ barrel; 1-8 twist) in .223; stocks will be walnut. The 1H is a .375 H&H. I expect to have all these offerings in stock as they are made.

2013 Rifles

  • No.1A in .222 Rem. 


  • No.1V in 6.5-284 Norma, 26″ barrel
  • No.1RSI in 7×57 NIB
  • No.1H in 375 H&H NIB
  • Have several No.1S in 45/70, but not from 2013.

2014 Rifles

  • Have the 1A in 280 Rem, the 1S in 9.3×62, the RSI in 257 Roberts. As with nearly all rifles in this production year, the wood is quite plain! $2000.

2015 Rifles

The 2015 cataloged rifles have not arrived yet. I have several of each on order. THE 1A’S IN 7mm-08 ARE SHIPPING, as of 8/10/2015

Early in the year, Ruger made several runs of earlier cataloged rifles. I have 2015 NIB production 1A’s in 270 Win and 243 Win . Also, No.1V in 22-250 and 25-06 .

Also made, but never cataloged, were about 30 1H in 450/400 N. E. in the D weight barrel. All previous 450/400’s made were with a C weight barrel.

Lipsey’s Exclusives in the Ruger No.1

  •  No. 1 AB 25-06 Have 2; they look like pic below.


  • No. 1 AH— Walnut NIB
  • No. 1 AH with Circassian walnut; none left!
  • No. 1 AB and AH with consecutive serial numbers; this is a deal; my last AH & AB  consecutive numbered set. NIB—-

Lipsey has done a series of 5 of the K1A in stainless/ walnut. These were the 7.62×39, 257 Roberts, 6.5×55, 35 Whelen, and lastly, the 250 Savage. Also, a 1A (in blue) was made in several of these same calibers: the 257 Roberts, 6.5×55, and the 35 Whelen. Additionally, a 1A in 30/30 was also made.

There were also a limited number of No.1S-C’s made in 45/70. This is the 26″ C weight barrel with Circassian stocks. I am out of these rifles. Thjey were made in 2 runs of about 125 each. First run was in the range of 134-35XXX; 2nd run range was 134-40XXX.


I don’t always get some of the newer arrivals on here, so if there is any Ruger No.1 that you are looking for, e-mail me at cleenewton at yahoo dot com or call 817-366-2900. Generally, I will not have the more common No.1’s; you can find them more easily on the Internet Auction sites